News Update – FS Premier Lauds Mangaung’s Infrastructure Projects

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Over 30 000 visitors and 10 000 cars visited Naval Hill between 15 December 2012 and 15 January 2013, a feat which has been lauded by both the Premier of the Free State Honourable Ace Magashule and Mangaung’s senior officials. This was revealed by Mangaung’s Head of Planning, Mr Kaba Kabagambe, at a walk about of Naval Hill with the premier, Deputy-Mayor Councillor Connie Rampai and senior officials from various institutions of Wednesday, 19 February. The Naval Hill visit was part of a tour to various projects being undertaken by the municipality by officials from the provincial and local government spheres, where they were given a detailed report on the progress thus far. The increased number of visitors came after the erection of a statue of the former President Nelson Mandela in December 2012, affirming the city’s position that the position of the statue would serve as a major tourist attraction.

Mr Kabagambe explained that the statue precinct was the first phase in the broader plan to make the hill a hallmark destination in the city. The first project on Naval Hill was the Nelson Mandela Statue Precinct with viewing platforms, which was upgraded last year. “We are done with the statue precinct and have already begun work on other projects. We can certainly say that the planetarium will be fully functional in June. Once completed, the digital planetarium will be the first facility of this nature in Sub-Sahara Africa,” he explained.
The statue precinct, which will get additional viewing platforms to accommodate the public, will also be furnished with a restaurant by June. This will all ensure that every visit to the hill will be a memorable experience for tourists and locals alike. “I am impressed with the developments on Naval Hill; but we would also encourage both the leadership and man in city to involve members of community particularly on those elements with empowerment,” the premier said.

He further said the Naval Hill development does not only play a role in Mangaung. The premier continued: “It plays a role in the city, the province and country at large in tourism as one of the tourism destinations.” With regards to the Brandwag social housing, the project is almost complete and tenants will move in soon. “However, the criteria to accommodate new tenants are going to be stricter. We are aware that people manipulate that system but the city in connect with Frescho are coming up with a system to curb that manipulation. The flats are to accommodate people who earn strictly between R1500 and R7500,” Mangaung spokesperson Qondile Khedama said.

Click here to download the PDF for News Update 22 Feb 2013