News Update – 2500 Thaba Nchu Residents get Title Deeds and Site Permits

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Click here to download the PDF for News Update 10 April 2013

Over 2000 residents from Thaba Nchu officially received their title deeds and site permits from Mangaung municipality officials in an event graced by Kgosigadi Gao Moroka on Tuesday 09 March, marking the start of the Executive Mayor’s monthly Community Outreach Programme. April has been earmarked as Integrated Human Settlements month, which will see the department showcasing various projects across Mangaung. In her address to the recipients, the Deputy Executive Mayor Clr Connie Rampai reminded them that the municipality works hand-in-glove with other departments to deliver services, and the same attitude is needed in the community.

“We need to work as one unit and ensure we all on one team to better everyone’s lives…All these departments work in unison to bring all projects to life,” Clr Rampai said. She further mentioned that human settlement’s officials would visit RDP households in Mangaung in a bid to ensure that corruption is rooted out. This is in response to concerns from communities that there are individuals who have applied for government housing fraudulently. The issuing of the official papers in Thaba Nchu was preceded by a handover of a house in Unit One Extension; where the Deputy-Executive Mayor together with MMC for Human Settlements Clr Xolo Pongolo, Kgosigadi Moroka, Clr Zolile Mangcotywa and Clr Lulama Odili-Titi officially made Keitumetse Sedia a proud home owner. Sedia is one of 81 recipients of newly built 5-roomed houses from the municipality, each to the value of R134 000, Clr Pongolo said. The beneficiaries used to stay by the station site in Thaba Nchu but had to move a few years back due to construction along the railway.

Clr Pongolo further mentioned that more title-deeds would be issued out for residents in the villages surrounding Thaba Nchu. However, recepients have been cautioned to be responsible with their permits as well as understand their limitations. He explained that while title deeds recognise people as rightful owners of properties, site permits only mean that the land occupants have a right to stay on the respective piece of land. A permit does not give one ownership of the space; the land still belongs to the municipality. “You need to buy the land from the municipality in order to get a title deed, but because not everyone can buy the land and apply for RDPs, automatically this gives them a title deed,” Clr Pongolo said.

Click here to download the PDF for News Update 10 April 2013