Please note that the Electricity Supply to your premises will be interrupted as follows:

  • Place: Roodewal, Jan Vloklaan, Time: 09H00 TO 16H30, Date: 04/06/2014
  • Place: Calep Motsabi / Khotsi, Time: 09H00 TO 16H30, Date: 04/06/2014
  • Place: Rocklands, Moshotle, Time: 09H00 TO 16H00, Date: 04/06/2014

Important Notice:

  1. The power MAY BE restored without warning at any time during the shutdown period, and all installation must therefore be treated as live and dangerous.
  2. Should you power not be interrupted within 1 hour of the scheduled starting time, please ignore this notice, as the scheduled maintenance has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.  You will receive another notice in due course.
  3. The shutdown is necessary for construction and/or maintenance upgrades on the network. We apologize for any inconvenience caused as a result of the interruption.

For enquiries contact: Mr TN Thamaga Tel: (051) 409-2474, Ms Baitsi Tel: (051) 409-2284 and/or Mr NS  Mkwanazi (051) 409 2300, Mr M Gculelo (051) 409   2298.