Media Advisory: Disruption of traffic flow due to Construction Works on Kenneth Kaunda and Brandwag

Mangaung Metro, through appointed contractors, will soon start with the heavy rehabilitation of Kenneth Kaunda road and construction of a new road in Brandwag. Due to construction works, the flow of traffic in these areas will be affected for the duration of the project.

Construction work at both sites is expected to start during the week of 16 – 20 March after the contractors have occupied the site.  It is expected to take at least seven (7) months i.e April – October 2015.

Kenneth Kaunda Heavy Rehabilitation:

Construction work will start at the traffic circle by Bayswater Police Station and will extend all the way to the Northridge Mall. During construction, one direction will be completely closed and the remaining carriageway will be converted to a dual direction carriageway. As a result, there would be a substantial impact on the traffic movement, particularly during peak hours.

Construction of new road in Brandwag:

This project will involve the construction of a connection strip between Reitsma St and McHardy Avenue. Work will also include widening of Krige Str. at intersection with Nelson Mandela, paint markings at corner Furstenburg and Mellville and cleaning of storm-water drainage at the intersection of DF Malherbe and Nelson Mandela Drive.

These road-works form part of the Executive Mayor’s plans since coming into office in 2011 to rehabilitate roads in the area of Mangaung.

The Mangaung Metro Traffic Department as well as our Law Enforcement Division are on board and ready to assist in making the flow of traffic as trouble-free as possible.

Issued by:
MMM Communications
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