Wrong Information on Procurement of Bottled Water

MEDIA STATEMENT: Wrong Information on Procurement of Bottled Water

In light of information that has been making rounds on social media regarding purchasing of water in one of our offices (Council Whip), the city would want to give the public correct information and dispel the impression created as a result of the incorrect purchase order circulating.

The Head of the Office of the Council Whip made a request for 150 packs of water (24x500ml pack). We would want to express outright that in terms of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) policy of Mangaung Metro, no political office bearer in the city has powers in handling procurement related matters.

Because of the intensity of our system, Supply Chain picked up the description error after printing the order and a new correct order was immediately processed. The error that shows on the incorrect purchase order reflects R150 per 500ml instead of 150 packs of 24 x 500ml packs.

For a 24 pack of 500ml bottled water, the service provider quoted R240, meaning a bottle is R10. This was the lowest quote received. The office requested 150 of the 24 packs of 500ml water bottles meaning 150 packs X R240 = R 36000 which is the correct total amount on the order. In light of the information that is circulating, the amounts that are reflect are correct. The only error was description.

It is unfortunate that the communique that circulated did not take into consideration work that is happening internally, thereby sending a wrong signal to the public.

We have urged our supply chain practitioners whom we regard as highly professional to be sensitive in handling the internal communication of the city. As the city we are viewing this error in a serious light and where necessary consequence management will apply.

We would want to reiterate that we are working with highly professional work force particularly when it comes to supply chain matters because this is the focal area that regulates procurement.

As the city, we deeply regret the wrong impression created by this error and the stigma that might be suffered by the service provider despite having followed all the correct supply chain processes and being awarded the work.


Issued by MMM Communications

Qondile Khedama – GM: Communications