Fleet Management Policy & Schedule of Vehicle Misuse Offences

The current Fleet Management policy of the city was adopted in 2012. However with time, it has been overtaken by many developments in the fleet management industry. This has thus exposed the city to numerous risks associated with fleet management, with little or no recourse. Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality has a legal, obligation to protect municipal assets against abuse, which could result in a loss to the Municipality. These assets include the municipal vehicle fleet as well as vehicles, used by the municipality on lease or loan basis.
The utilization and management of vehicles, plant and equipment is the prime mechanism by which a municipality can fulfil its constitutional mandates for: Delivery of sustained services, Social and economic development, Promoting safe and healthy environments and, Providing the basic needs to the community As trustees on behalf of the local community, the municipality has a legislative and moral obligation to ensure it implements policies to safeguard the monetary value and future services provision invested on vehicles.
The fleet management policy deals with the municipal rules required to ensure the enforcement of appropriate stewardship of vehicles. Stewardship has two components being the: Financial administration by the financial officer, and Physical administration by the fleet management managers Statutory provisions are being implemented to protect public property against arbitrary and inappropriate management or disposal by a local government.